SME Core Pack

Targeting the Small to Medium Sized Enterprise Looking for a Comprehensive IT Service Setup Package

go Server with Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 (Hardware Supplied)
go Computers Networked
go Daily Backups
go Domain Name
go Microsoft Exchange 2007 Brings Email and Calendar Hosting In-House
go SPAM and Junk Email Filtering Server
go Document Management Powered by Microsoft SharePoint 2007
go Website
go Centrally Managed and Maintained Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware
go Software Patches and Updates Deployed Automatically
go Mobile/Blackberry Devices Setup with Wireless Email and Calendar
go Broadband Supplier Sourced with Fixed Internet Address
go Firewall (Secures Internet)
go Internet Filtering (Restrict Staff from Visiting Selected Websites)
go Remote Access (Securely Connect to the Office From Anywhere)
go Office Cabling and Phone/Data Patch Panel Commissioned

Our SME CORE Package, aimed at small to medium sized enterprises (> 5 people) will see your computers networked and data centralised on a powerful reliable server for the office, so files are easily shared between staff. Centrally managed backups, virus protection and internet firewall will ensure your data is safe. We will register your very own or .com domain name and set up email for this. Email and calendar is configured in Microsoft Outlook for each user and all email SPAM and virus messages are filtered using the dedicated filtering server that is also supplied. Each user will have full access to email, calendar and contacts from anywhere in the world via the internet, or mobile/blackberry device.

Management of documents is provided by the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 engine which will allow staff to collaborate, publish and find the information they need. The company website will be created online and the office internet connection has firewall protection as well as a filtering system that allows a manager to audit and block websites visited by employees. Secure remote access completes the package.
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